Audio 3D is an optative course in the third year of the degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

This course has been designed following a methodology adapted to the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA), also known as “Bologna Plan” and it is focussed on student learning process. The objective of this design is to involve the student continuously in the development of the subject through continuous assessment and individual study as an essential complement to the lectures. The difficulty of this course makes this continuous work throughout the trimester is crucial for achieving the minimum skills required.

This is an introductory course to 3D spatial audio processing. The objective of the course is the understanding of basic physical phenomena that describe and govern the sound field generation, propagation and interaction with the spaces where it is produced and its interaction with the human auditory system in three spatial dimensions. Appropriate mathematical language to describe the physics of the sound field in three dimensions will be used, and actual applications of this mathematical will be explained. Elementary concepts of psycho-acoustic space will also be studied in order to understand the effect of auditory system in the final perception of sound around.

The theoretical elements are the basis of the lectures, but an equally important component of this course will be the laboratories and seminars, which will provide much of the individual student work outside the classroom. In addition, several deliverables and group activities during the course will require to work in teams, performing taks such as information searching and oral and written communication.


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