Binaural Reproduction using Loudspeakers

Can we listen to binaural recordings through normal speakers?

Of course. Even when binaural recordings for headphones still sound fantastic on speakers – you just won’t be able to get the 3D effect. That’s because as the sound travels through room, the left and right channels mix and your brain can’t make sense of the directional cues (cross-talk). Various works “has been/are being” developed to cancel this crosstalk and thus, allow proper 3D listening on speakers.

In this lecture, we revise the principles of Transaural recordings and learn the basis of CrossTalk Cancellation proposed by Schroeder. The contents of the lecture and the related references are depicted below:

1.- Introduction

2.- Crosstalk Introduction

3.- CrossTalk Cancellation

4.- Conclusions

More info at:


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