Binaural Reproduction using Headphones

Binaural recordings are reproductions of sound “the way human ears hear it”. Actually, the word “binaural” literally just means “using both ears.” When you listen to a binaural recording through headphones, you perceive distinct and genuine 360° sound.

It’s the purest, most natural way to record and listen to music.

In this lecture, we cover the following topics about Binaural recording using Headphones. Further information can be found in the related references.

1.- Introduction to Binaural Audio

2.- The Stereo Reproduction of 3D Sound

3.- Headphone Reproduction: Quick Review

4.- Binaural Principles

    4.1.- Problems of Binaural Systems

5.- Binaural Recording

     5.1.- Measurement of Binaural IR

     5.2.- Excitation Signal

     5.3.- Using DSP for HRTFs

     5.4.- Collecting HRTF Measurements

     5.5.- Equalization

     5.6.- Data Reduction of HRTFs

     5.7.- Head Tracking


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